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Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment gives you an overview of the shape of the work, and offers advice on potential areas of development.

This is a cost-effective and highly useful first step if you haven’t had a professional assess your work yet.

Cost: For a manuscript of 90,000 words, the cost is $650. Prices vary depending on the length of the manuscript, so please contact Alexandra for a quote.

Developmental /
structural editing

This is an intensive edit that looks at the major structural issues of a work: the plot, characterisation, narrative cohesion, pace and so on.

While at this stage there is no copyediting, Alexandra offers thorough line edits and marks up areas that need work, as well as provides an in-depth report that looks at the potential areas of development.

Cost: The cost varies depending on the length of the manuscript, so please contact Alexandra for a quote.

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This process is a close examination of the language, grammar and punctuation, improving cohesion, style, expression and ensuring it is free of errors.

Cost: $75 per hour, depending on the length of the manuscript and whether it is a light or heavy edit.

* If you are submitting your manuscript to a publisher or agent, you don’t need to have it copyedited before submitting it.


This is the final read after the work has been developed and copyedited.

Cost: $50 per hour.

content writing

Alexandra has extensive experience in producing original content for websites, blogs, book cover blurbs and a range of marketing material.

Cost: $75 per hour.

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