May 20, 2016

I am delighted to recommend Alexandra Nahlous as a skilled editor and supportive professional. I have worked with her several times, notably on the editing of my books, The Art of Romance Writing, and How Do I Love Thee, both published by Allen & Unwin. We have also co-presented workshops on the writing and editing craft for Romance Writers of Australia, and I still use her handouts to inform my own writing students and remind them of basic principles. Working with Alex is always a pleasure because she not only knows her stuff, she has a knack for sharing the information in a kind and generous manner.

Valerie Parv, Author

Alex is professional, meticulous, and a pleasure to work with. I know my books are so much better for Alex’s attention. I can’t praise her highly enough!

Kaye Dobbie, Author

Alex Nahlous was wonderful to work with. Sympathetic from the start to what I wanted to achieve in my novel, Challenge, she meticulously edited the manuscript with an enviable eye for structure, narrative and – most importantly where this book was concerned – voice. Thanks to Alex’s editing, I emerged from the process with a far better book than I could have imagined. I hope she can edit all of my fiction in the future.

Paul Daley, Author

I was so impressed with Alex’s editing when I first worked with her that I asked for her specifically on my next project. As with the first, Alex really came through, identifying those extra tweaks that really make a story sing, as well as offering thorough edits that were mindful of voice and style. I found Alex to be professional, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.

Cathryn Hein, Author

Alex’s editorial report cut straight to the heart of the issues which were bothering me about my work-in-progress. Not only did she highlight problem areas, she also offered perceptive suggestions that helped me to take the manuscript to the next level. I credit the publication offer which followed to her excellent advice.

Lisa Walker, Author

We love working with Alex Nahlous. Not only is she an expert and incisive editor, she has a genuine love and respect for the craft of writing and the work of authors, and she is fantastic to deal with.

Lou Johnson, Co-founder of The Author People

Alex Nahlous is a joy to work with.  Her editing is sensitive, meticulous and always goes to the heart of what is needed.

Catherine Milne, Publisher, HarperCollins Publishers Australia